Review Sweet Tooth 2 รีวิว Sweet Tooth 2

Review Sweet Tooth 2

The eighth episode of the second season of Sweet Tooth launches on April 27 on Netflix. The review embargo will be lifted the day of release.

The series picks up from at the point where the initial season departed off, with Gus stuck in the Preserve in the midst of a terrifying fresh wave of The Sick bearing down on Gus.

The narrator is a slur, James Brolin assures that everything is going to be okay.

Review Sweet Tooth 2 Gus

Sweet Tooth tells the tale of a boy who is half-human and half-deer that lives in a post-apocalyptic world along with a variety of hybrids.

This unique, endearing show is a show that has a mood that can be both dark and hopeful.

Jeff Lemire’s comic had the potential to be bleak, which might have been daunting on television, 

but the series’ creative team opted to lean into hopefulness for the sake of making it work.

Gus is a quiet kid with horns, who’s traveling through the forest with a gruff loner known as Jepperd (Nonso Anozie). 

Birdie reveals that she is Gus’s mother after they answer her dormant satellite.


The show premiered two years ago. Sweet Tooth began on Netflix with a thrilling cocktail of concepts and genres.

Though some of the series’ political commentary gets muddled when it comes to an end it’s sense of excitement and danger keeps holding its own.

Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) is a physically imposing drifter that helps Gus and Birdie navigate the post-apocalyptic landscape of mutant animals, bloodthirsty bandits.

He’s also a fierce protector of the Preserve that is a place of refuge of hybrid kids that Aimee made after The Great Crumble.

As a counselor, she worked prior to the outbreak and she took in Wendy who was a hybrid.


Sweet Tooth is a comic that focuses on the destruction of an entire planet through an epidemic.

One of the remaining survivors is a young boy called Gus who is a snorer and has antlers,

a new breed of hybrid animal that arose from the epidemic.

The creators of the comic to Netflix made the decision to build on hope rather than worry. The team incorporated a number of YA-friendly plot points and drew easily from narratives of post-apocalyptic events which came out after the comic’s run in print from 2011 until 2013.

Nonso Anozie plays Tommy Jepperd, a wandering journeyman and former Last Man who accompanies Gus on his journey towards Colorado. His past is one of loss and sorrow and prides himself in his skill as a hunter and survivalist.

Review Sweet Tooth 2


The first season of Sweet Tooth left many questions unanswered. The second season is expected to address the subject matter in greater detail.

This show is about a deer-human hybrid who manages to survive in a world which is devastated by a deadly virus. Christian Convery is the deer-eared youngster who decides to locate his mother.

The series was filmed on New Zealand. The soundtrack contains a mix of contemporary and classical songs. The track from the 70s Ripple by New Zealand band Sounding Arrow appears in a romantic scene featuring Richard the bird and Birdie.

Earl Elephant

Sweet Tooth was a perfect mix of horror and indie aesthetics when it premiered.

The show was based on the comics by Jeff Lemire and published under the DC Vertigo label, it offered everything one could hope for from a post-apocalyptic world such as evocative characters and real dangers, and plenty of passion.

The new season of the show continues with this same theme however, without the risk or tension. The saga of Gus, the boy with antlers and ears of an animal, isn’t finished at this point, but it’s nearly as compelling as its first.

Dr. Singh

The show’s setting is surprisingly enjoyable and uplifting compared to other post-apoclyptic worlds like the Fallout universe. Sweet Tooth, while it includes elements of terror,

such as paramilitary units and bloodthirsty mutant animals – it is more focused on hope.

Gus is a half human, half-deer boy living in the woodlands on his own, until he is able to meet Jepperd one-time wanderer (Nonso Anozie).

They have to travel together in an area full of hybrid children, and face a new danger named Zhang (Neil Sandilands).

The show walks a delicate line between optimism and doom by using a gruff voice which creates a fairytale feel to the proceedings.

Review Sweet Tooth 2 The Air Lords

Sweet Tooth, an animated post-apocalyptic story with a darker side is something special. The show was inspired by Jeff Lemire’s comic series and was released in the year the 2020s. Netflix picked it up later in the year.

Second season picks up from the place where the first season ended The second season features Christian Convery, a child actor, and Nonso Anozie (Game of Thrones).

As a deadly new strain of Sick comes through, Gus and his fellow hybrid children fall into the grips of General Abbot and his scientist friend The Dr. Singh.

It is an expert at managing the tension and building skillfully to a variety of bold and uncompromising payoffs. It also serves as a showcase for the skills of its dazzling ensemble.

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